Generating Quality Leads for Your Business

Why Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing, also called affiliate marketing in the consumer/retail sector, is an exciting online advertising strategy that rewards web publishers when they generate leads for you, the advertiser.

The publishers carry advertisers’ ads on their websites or market to their database via email without an upfront cost. When a visitor clicks on the advertisers’ links and registers on the advertisers’ website, or landing page, a lead is generated and the publisher receives a pre-arranged commission. The advertiser compensates the web publisher when the desired action is achieved. The leads are delivered to you in real-time for sales follow-up and insertion in a CRM database.

Building Sales Pipelines Cost Effectively

Generate leads for your business using an innovative range of performance-based advertising and powerful, integrated product calls-to-action across desktop, mobile and apps.

You pay on a commission only basis, rewarding those publishers for the actual results that they deliver. This guarantees profitable sales growth and marketing ROI.