Email Marketing Solutions

Our Email Marketing solutions focus on generating concrete sales leads through sign-ups or other converting actions, giving you access to millions of potential customers via our extensive publisher network.

You, the advertiser, determine what qualifies as a lead and you decide what the publisher commissions should be. You will receive notification of a lead generated in real time ensuring speedy follow up by your sales staff or call centre.

Co-Registration Marketing

Co-Registration gives website visitors the opportunity to “register” or “opt-in” to contextually and behaviourally targeted, third-party advertising offers.

Co-Registration gives website owners the ability to boost revenues by seamlessly integrating third party offers onto their website. Best of all, Co-Registration does not disrupt the user’s reason for being on the original website and it keeps website owners in control of the customer’s journey while earning revenue at the same time.

Like everything we do at Lead Generators, you will only pay for the leads that we generate for you and those which you have determined have qualified as a lead.

Programmatic Social Media

Enables brands to connect with and message consumers who have exhibited high consumer intent around your brand or product, or they have a specific need.

Our sophisticated technology is loaded with keywords defined by you and relevant to your brands, products or services.

The system then shortlists all consumers that have mentioned, messaged or liked content that matches the pre-defined keywords.

Campaign messaging is then planned and the system replies to thousands across social feeds or messages with an offer, link or recommendation from your brand.

EDM Design & Production Services

Creative is not just about aesthetics, it needs to be designed to ensure that it is effective at delivering results. Through consultation, we work with you to understand campaign objectives, nurture your ideas from any stage of the email design process and convert them into workable solutions that help engage and captivate your audience.

We design email templates for some of the most popular email platforms in the market. Our Design Team can develop and design fully customisable email marketing templates based upon your brand and online identity, while taking advantage of the tools and functions available in your email platform. This allows you to harness the power of your email service provider without the need of any HTML knowledge.

Your customers expect a seamless experience; we can help you deliver it. Building for mobile is a challenge for many digital agencies, but not for us. Our team are leaders in responsive email design and we understand the importance of delivering a seamless email experience on every device.

Our ability to create mobile optimised emails allows us to adapt your communications, no matter how your customers choose to engage with your brand, whether it’s across tablets, mini-tablets, mobile or desktop.