Co-Registration gives website visitors the opportunity to “register” or “opt-in” to contextually and behaviourally targeted, third-party advertising offers.

Co-Registration gives website owners the ability to boost revenues by seamlessly integrating third party offers onto their website. Best of all, Co-Registration does not disrupt the user’s reason for being on the original website and it keeps website owners in control of the customer’s journey while earning revenue at the same time.
Like everything we do at Lead Generators, you will only pay for the leads that we generate for you and those which you have determined have qualified as a lead.

Lead Capture

Receive leads from multiple sources in real-time via our API, create lead capture forms or use our lead importer to better manage CSV files.

Real-Time Validation

Authorise incoming leads by only accepting accurate, high quality leads by setting up highly customisable rules and use real-time validation services.


A powerful tool to deliver your leads to buyers and external systems, or simply deliver files direct to clients on an automated schedule.

Auto Responders

Schedule follow up transactional or marketing messages from the moment you receive a lead with powerful re-targeting strategies.

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